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What is houseware? And what is creative living houseware?


What Is Houseware? And What Is Creative Living Houseware?



What is houseware?

Housewares, also called household items, are goods and products used in a house. They can be placed in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, family rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and other places of home. 

How is houseware divided?

Housewares are normally divided into kitchenwares (like dishes, dish containers, food tools, sponge holder, ice mold, etc), containers, water bottles, hangers, cleaning tools, decorative items and many other furnitures.


Creative Living Housewares

What is creative living houseware?

Creative living houseware is a kind of housewares, that can realize normal housewares' functions, while they are more creative in appearance, design, and multi-functions. Creative household items are more and more popular these years,  to meet people's requirements on high quality living life.

What are creative living housewares features?

a. Just like its name, this kind housewares are creative. For normal housewares, people mainly focus on the practicability, while for creative housewares, people require not only practicability, but also good appearance, innovative design and multi-functional. 

b. Tradional housewares mainly differ in sizes, shapes and colors, and creative living items are with more designs and much bigger difference.

c. Creative housewares usually based on funny and humourous shapes, like cartoon, fairy tales, stories figures.


d. Creative housewares are normally made of high quality and eco-friendly materials, as well as organic materials like natural wheat straw, fruits fibers, etc

e. Creative housewares are normally multi-functional. They are decorative and practical.

f. Creative housewares are not as many as normal housewares. Because creative items need more time and energy to design and to produce.

g. Normally, active items' prices are higher than normal items, because their design and produce costs are higher.

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