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Top 10 Reasons Why to Choose Airlen's Water Bottle

Top 10 reasons to Why to Choose Airlen's foldable silicone water bottle
Nowadays, travels, business trips, outgoings and sports take much time of people's life, you need a foldable and portable water bottle to make the trip easier and more enjoyable.
Airlen has engaged in internation trading for many years. Airlen items are designed to incorporate many details of human care. With Airlen's water bottle, 2/3 space can be saved when there is no water. And it is very portable to carry on the bags and suitcases. 
There are top 10 reasons why you choose Airlen's foldable water bottle:
1. Bottle mouth is with large diameter, which is convenient to pour in and out of water, coffee, drinks, etc.
2. The white cap can not only control water flow, but also can be removed and put into large volume like ice cubes.
3. High quality liquid silicone material and food grade PP applied, BPA free and can pass tests.
4. Soft and foldable, can be stored in many bags and suitcases after folding.
5. Globular shape, fold without creases.
6. Aluminum round quick hang ring.
7. The microwave oven can be used, and it can be refrigerated and suitable for dishwasher.
8. Stable appearance and no harmful chemical release.
9. Light as a feather (550ML 91g).
10. Completely turn over and clean.
If you need more details or any question, just contact us freely and we are always ready for you.
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