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The Difference Between Foldable Silicone Water Bottle And Other Water Kettle

There are more and more water bottles on the market. There are lots of materials alone. The main materials are metal kettle, glass kettle, plastic kettle, silicone kettle and so on.

Metallic Materials

Health index★★★★☆
Price index★★★☆☆
Convenience index★★☆☆☆
Stainless steel is more common, stainless steel kettle, heavy, resistant to fall, but a fall may have a small pit.
Stainless steel heat preservation kettle has three functions of heat preservation, cold preservation and preservation, and it also has the characteristics of health, fashion and atmosphere.
Health, stainless steel insulation pot used stainless steel as raw materials, in the process of use will not produce harmful substances and odors; in addition, stainless steel insulation pot for drinking water insulation to avoid repeatedly boiling water damage to water quality.
It's definitely great to have a sip of hot water when you're on a winter outdoor trip.
With the constant change of consumers' aesthetic taste and the continuous progress of the manufacturing technology, the stainless steel insulation pot manufacturers incorporate various fashion and pop elements into the appearance design of the products, and the product styles are becoming more and more diverse and exquisite. Meet the needs of consumers for fashion.


Glass  Kettle

Health index★★★★★
Price index★★★★☆
Convenience index★★☆☆☆
The glass kettle is unbreakable and fragile. The price is cheap
Glass has a good perspective, transmittance, chemical stability is high, do not worry about the use of excessive temperature of water will decompose toxic substances.
And according to the different processing methods to obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect, so can be used in various industries, to meet different needs.
Glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt do not easily grow in the pot wall. So it's healthier and safer for people to drink water in glass pots. Very suitable for home and office use.


Plastic Kettle

Health index★★☆☆☆
Price index★★★★☆
Convenience index★★★★☆
Plastic kettle resistant to fall, not easy to break, resistant to fall. Low price and wide variety
Light material, so relatively light, easy to carry. It won't heat up too fast. It won't burst in the winter like a glass pot.
However, it is easy to hydrolyze harmful substances during repeated use. Not easy to use too much warm water to make tea. Big capacity. Up to 2 liters. Suitable for outdoor drinking water.

Silicone Water Bottle

Health index★★★★★
Price index★★★☆☆
Convenience index★★★★★
Silicone Water Bottle combines the advantages of plastic kettle, it is tasteless, non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and low temperature, at 300 degrees Celsius and minus 90 degrees can still be used normally. Silica gel also has good electrical insulation, resistance to oxygen and aging, anti-mildew, chemical stability, and so on. Health is not easy to break down toxic substances.
Anti-fall, not easy to break, super toughness (the body part of the use of silicone soft toughness impact resistance, compression at will not deform), but also to prevent serious deformation of the kettle when falling.
Crucially, the silicone kettle can be folded when not in use, reducing storage space.
Therefore, compared with other water utensils, sports kettle has become the basic configuration of outdoor lovers because it is affordable and durable, safe and reliable, convenient and safe, and can have different colors and styles according to individual preferences.
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